Often we hear people who call into question the veracity of our history, and our government referred to as “Conspiracy Theorists”. Well, I have to say I’ve met many of those “Theorists” over the past 8 years, and most of them do in fit the category of just simply injecting theory rather then facts.

However, as an Investigator chemtrail92373983933-1I’ve continued to maintain an open mind to such subjects as The Shadow Government, Secret Societies, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Harp, Worldwide Population Reduction, and much more. In doing so I’ve continued to gather data and information both current, from the past, and regarding our future. What we’ve unraveled thus far is simply staggering….

As we continue to investigate, our government continues to create more problems then solutions, then insults our intelligence with explanations that sound worse than a 3rd grader when caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Any thinking person would have to come to the “logical” conclusion that “we’re screwed”….

In this article I will just point out a few issues where we need to pay close attention.  First, there’s the issue surrounding Chemtrails.  These ominous lines in the sky that are being created by aircraft, have usually been the harbinger of disaster.  I can remember vividly watching 3 planes in the skies over Indiana, flying in three separate directions after flying in close proximity of each other.  One plane headed northeast, another northwest, and the other southwest.HARP AIRIAL PHOTO

In about a week later, severe storms hit the mid-western and southwestern regions with hail, high winds and tornadoes.  This seemed to be a pattern whereas after Chemtrails where left, severe weather would no-doubt follow, especially when multiple plane were seen (by my own eyes) flying over the skies.

Then we have the “freak” snow storm that hit Atlanta GA and the surrHARP EXPOSED ON MSM TVounding areas earlier this year which included my home county in Tennessee. Record accumulations hit the surrounding areas from Georgia up to Virginia.  A peculiar discovery was made in the aftermath of this storm which stranded hundreds of motorist, and shutdown school for days.  The discovery was that the snow from this storm would not melt when direct flame was held to it.

Several YouTube videos were made demonstrating the strange phenomenon.  Some said that it was the butane from the lighters used that caused the snow to turn black and not melt, but we tried the same test using a candle fire and got the same results.  So the question is what was this snow made of, or made from.  Some concluded that it was Nanobots, but that’s a bit of a stretch.  Nanobots would be far more lethal should just one person come in contact with them.  Plus there were no additional reports of any physical effects of this snow to anyone.

Now let’s quickly move on to the “evidence” of a developing worldwide pandemic (Ebola withstanding), and potential Zombie-Like apocalypse. Yes, yoShot Dead eugene beside victimu heard me…  There has been some strange incidents that have suggested that A Zombie Apocalypse of a viral nature would take place if such gruesome cannibal-like incidents (such as in Florida and other parts) could be attributed to some strain of viral infection.

In June of 2012, a Miami Florida homeless man (Ronald Poppo) was attacked by another homeless guy who some had already dubbed as the “Miami Zombie” Rudy Eugene.  All of this was captured on a nearby video surveillance camera.  Eugene was later shot and killed by officers who responded to the incident when he attempted to attack them.  An autopsy revealed that Eugene had ingested several unidentified pills, and was under the influencRUDY EUGENE - ZOMBIE LIKE KILLERe of Marijuana.  According to some officers, the pills could have been the new street drug called “bath salt”.  If such a drug exists, and/or can cause such behavior, where did it come from and who made it???

One of the lures of the Zombie Apocalypse theme is the fact the society as we know it in these films and TV shows are the completely shutdown. Cities are laid to waste, and our infrastructure is gone.  All there is left, or who is left can do nothing but start all over again.  Population deduction would be at a snap of a finger should such an apocalyptic event of this nature occur.Plum Island Animal

At first I use to think that the above possibility was somewhat far fetched, until I discovered information regarding the research facility called The Plum Island Animal Disease Center Formerly in NY.  Plum is entirely own by the US Government, and was later relocated to Kansas. Plum Island has been connected to spread of three infectious diseases (Lyme, West Nile, and The Dutch Duck Plague).  It has also been reported that strange mutated like animals have washed up on shores of nearby beaches in the NY area.

These weird aberrations of animals have been attributed to the extreme testing done at the Plum Island facility.  So are we any safer with this facility in America’s heartland?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Kansas is known to experience some of the countries worst tornadoes ranging from F5s, and  occasionally a rare F6.  Should  PIADC get hit by one of these tornadoes, then any number of deadly infectious diseases would be unleashed.

Then we have the whisPlum Island Disease Centerpers of a staged Alien Invasion, and stage 2nd Coming of Christ.  Such events have been talked about by several researchers.  One individual we know and trust (Stewart Swerdlow) has mentioned these staged events on manySTAGED INVASION AND 2ND COMING occasions.  The reason why I find Swerdlow to be the most credible (in addition to knowing him pretty well), is the years he spent in The Montauk Project.  I also know that every piece of evidence that Stewart has shared with over the years has ALWAYS rang true.

TV shows like The Event (in my opinion) came very close to the truth regarding the presence of extra-terrestrials living among us for many years. The show also seemed to adopt the theory of a new planet entering our solar system.  A planet said to be the home of our earthen predecessors.

Lastly, I have The Eventto make mention of the extensive work we’ve done regarding the Georgia Guide Stones.  This monument which is situated in northeast Georgia near Lake Hartwell, bears the calling of a world population reduced to the number of 500,000,000.  The monument itself was built and shrouded amid a great amount of secrecy.

However “circumstantial” evidence would suggest tGGS 1hat it was erected by members of a secret order called The Rosicrucians.  This order was founded in late Medieval Germany (Hmm…). The suggestion here is based on the general information that a man using the name “RC Christian” commissioned the building of the monument.

So there you have it.  Are we talking about just “theory”?  No I don’t think so.  Theory is just rhetoric.  A conspiracy is something that is planned in secret by any number individuals.  A conspiracy is also an instrument effectively used when any person, or persons are attempting to perpetuate a con or scheme that would result in the benefit of the conspirators.  These conspirators have already put into place their means of safety when things go awry.

The rich and powerful have conThe 500,000,000 Factorstructed underground facilities for themselves in various locations, one being in the catacombs under Denver International Airport just to name one. The trail of evidence is just too long for anyone to conclude that what were talking about it as just theory.  No, these plans have already been well set into motion……bunker_catacombs AT DIA




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