When it comes to politics, many consider the subject to be from “mundane” (not
important as it pertains to spiritual things), or to down-right controversial.

Well, I must say that I cannot blame most of the population.  Religion and Politics are considered to be the two most combustible subjects known2016 Cadidates 1 to mankind kind.

Interestingly enough, both religion and politics are usually at the root of war, separation/division, disputes of all kinds on all levels, and even death.

Why is this???  Well, the truth is that many (if not all of us) embrace our politics and religion in the very same fashion.

Our politics is based on our “individual” core beliefs in the same like manner as our religion and/or faith.  This is why in the political arena we hear such
words as “ideology”, and “world-view”.

The recent attacks in France (as our hearts go out to the victims of this heinous act) was a clear display of a terrorist group named “ISIS” whose sole purpose is France 1predicated on a “world-view” shrouded in the religious system of “ISLAM”.

Yes, ISLAM!  We need to stop kidding ourselves, and realize that these “Radicle-Islamic” terrorist are getting their marching orders based on their interpretation of the Islamic scriptures in the Quran.

With that said, we need to understand that a government running as a theocracy can only lead to a culture run-amok…  I’m I hitting home yet???

So how does the Paranormal (the mysterious) fit into all of this?  Is there a clue that we can gain from those who have keen insight into the mysterious world of the paranormal?

In our next show (Saturday 11/21 at 9 pm est), we will answer that ques2016 Front Runnerstion definitively.  We will also have a psychic (Cassandra Vanzant) on our show to
give her perspective on the front-running candidates in the 2016 Presidential race.

Are we at a pivotal point in the history of mankind, where our next President could serve as a tool of fulfillment to some of the darkest prophecies? Or
will we see The Omen 76a “shift” in leadership that can potentially bring true, and positive change….



As you are well aware, we’ve discussed such a possibility in previous programs.  Well, the 3rd attempt is always the charm.  Yes, the28 weeks laterre will be a “Code Red PT3” which will the top of our fall premiere show on Saturday 10/31, at 7:30 pm.

Joining me will be my new partner Mr. Aaron Gamble.  Aaron is an astute, and well equip researcher and investigator who has amassed a wealth of material and resources over the years.  He will be a huge addition, and great contributor to the re-birth of The IR Show.

In our preliminary work together, Aaron and I have taken to tasks the conspiracy theorist, and have facilitated a more substantive presentation to some of the huge questions and mysteries of our time.

In “Code Red PT3”, we will discuss how the probability (not the possibility) of a “severe” viral outbreak that could threaten the existence of the human race.CDC Zombie Pandemic

Many scientist, as well as medical practitioners have agreed that a mutated strain of any lethal virus such as rabies, mad-cow, and/or even a synthetically derived agent could be introduced by a number of means or delivery systems.

Just recently, former Vice President Dick Chaney stated that he greatly feared the potential of the next terrorist attack on US soil would be that of a biological or nuclear nature.  The former would seem more likely due to the restrictions on nuclear proliferation in most Arab countries.

However, the threat from a radical foreign terrorist factions could be the least of our worries… There are a various number of extreme domestic “fringe” groups who could be capable of ushering in what they deem as an “Apocalyptic” event using chemical and/or biological agents.  

So, where does that leave us?  Yes, what could be the most significant threat to civilizationwalking dead as we know it? A “Zombie Apocalypse”….

In this scenario, our infrastructure would immediately be compromised.
Law enforcement would have their hands full with civil unrest issues, and then there’s the obvious challenge to hospitals and healthcare personnel.

People laughed when Max Brooks introduced his book “The Zombie Survzombiesurvivalguide_coverival Guide”, now people are literally scrambling.

There’s much more to this then simply a group of one per-centers
commiserating on how to reduce the population.  This is something far more terrifying, and more plausible than ever discussed.  And as a direct result of much research, investigation, and field study over the past 6 years; many of the viewpoints previously shared on The IR
Show have significantly evolved…..

For more, DON’T MISS THIS SHOW!!!!  


Coming Soon!!!

Through much re-organization, re-planning, and re-tooling the return of “The IR Show” will move forward.

We plan to bring you an exciting “live” premiere show this fall.  In the mean-time, you can catch The Best Of The Investigators Report (from 2007-2009) on our “new” station Metaphysical Talk Radio 7 days a week at 11am and 11pm.

We promise to continue to bring the same hard hitting shows which made the IR Show during it’s original 5 year run. However, this time around we will focus a great deal on current events as it relates to topics we’ve covered on the show in the past.  In fact, much of what was discussed in those aforementioned programs is currently happening today before our very eyes.

So be sure to get caught up with the show by listening to the “The Best Of The IR Show”, and join us for our live broadcast COMING SOON!!!